Charles Acosta




My name is Charles and I’m from a beautiful little island in the middle of the Caribbean La Hispaniola (Dominican Republic)


I completed my bachelor’s degree in Advertising from UNAPEC University in Santo Domingo. My creativity and passion for the arts ignited when my grandfather bought me my first camera during my college years (One that I still have). The excitement of being able to draw images with light and the feeling of wonder once the pictures were developed, inspired me to make the images that you now see on my site.


Once I moved to the US, my summers at the shore revived the lost view of the turquoise waters of my childhood and I discovered a new world by the sea shore: The Arcades. The music, the lights, the sound of the silver ball bouncing from one side to the other, all shaped my first pinball experience. Many summers came and went but my love for pinball stayed and  grew bigger over the years. I’m lucky to say that I’m now the proud owner of a Twilight Zone and The Addams Family pinball machine combo and never been happier.


When two of my worlds collided, my love of photography and pinball, I created what’s now,  Pinball Photos LLC. My pinball photography is about the beauty that makes a machine timeless.


I hope you enjoy peeking into the pinball world through my eyes!


Have fun,

Charles Acosta

Pinball Photographer

Pinball Photos LLC

Unique pinball art from the hands of our pinball photographer:

Charles Acosta

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


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