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Ian Glasner

I’m really happy to have discovered  Charles Acosta and Pinball Photos.  He is a truly-talented artist who is able to capture the sense of anticipation and fun that these whimsical worlds under glass evoke.  No other pinball-related art reminds me why I’m passionate about the game of Pinball.

Those who are not familiar with Pinball will be fascinated by the ethereal quality of the images; the reflective qualities of the silvery orbs and the warm, soft colours.

Because Pinball has such a long history and is timeless, Charles’ work is appropriate for any décor, but it really adds to the sense of fun for any game room (with pinball machine or not).

I have purchased both the Museum-grade Canvas Prints as well as the “Metallic Prints” which of course cannot be truly appreciated until they are seen in person.  Both formats are great for showcasing Charles’ work, but also consider the “Metallic Prints”.  

Client Review

Helen Lipkin

Our first purchase from Pinball Photos were the placemats and night-light. That same day I went back for more and purchased his magnets, and since then have been obsessed with everything he makes!

We have the shower curtain and two incredibly cozy and super soft blankets, as well as two gorgeous coasters. The quality of his work is astounding, the images are perfection, and the colors are so bright and vibrant.


We are finishing up our basement and will be purchasing one of his beautiful Canvases for sure! Thank you Charles! You have been a pleasure to work with!-


Joel Garblik

As a devout pinball hobbyist for over 50 years, I have always been admirer of all things pinball related. Part of the fun of building and modifying the game room and collection is adding various accessories, wall hangings and memorabilia to showcase the passion.
I was delighted to have met Charles several years ago when I had learned that he was an artist specializing in pinball photography who created unique paintings and other objets d’art.

Due to close proximity, I was able to view Charles’ work at a nearby gallery and at a booth at an annual pinball related show. I have purchased several pinball themed items from a him – a neon clock with a pinball themed clock face, a night-light, a set of pinball coasters, pinball placemats, and a beautiful canvas print. The canvas print hangs proudly on the wall in my game room and not only admired by family, and myself but by every guest who visits. Charles’ dedication and love for the hobby is evident in everything he creates and I highly recommend him.

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Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Choose any of our photos and transform them into a stunning Museum Grade Canvas.

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Our Museum Grade Canvas are Acid-Free, heavyweight, cotton/poly blend with an elegant satin surface. You can choose your own image.

Pinball Art

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excellence in photography


Award Recipient

This award honors a pinball photographer that has displayed ‘Excellence in Pinball’ by publishing photography with an emphasis on pinball, where technical achievement is displayed and has advanced the photographic presence of the hobby of pinball.


meet the photographer


Whether it’s a coaster or a portrait print, my work is always about art and expression. My art celebrates the color and happiness of my Caribbean roots and honors the entrepreneurship path of my ancestors. I come from a self-made family with a long history of creating independent businesses ranging from restaurants and gift shops to hardware stores. I proudly represent my Hispanic heritage as I strive forward, building something special. 


These experiences have taught me that every individual sees the world differently. One reason I created Pinball Photos was for the opportunity to showcase my own vision. I hope that you can see the artistic beauty from my perspective, and I hope that my products can bring a smile to your heart and inspire you to follow your own dreams.

Charles Acosta

Pinball Photographer

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