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An exclusive Limited Edition of 100 sets of "The Power" Pinball™ Coasters by Pinball Photos. A certificated signed and numbered by the photographer its included. 


Our stunning sets of Pinball™ Coasters are an unique option to any pinball collector or art lover. The exclusive retro images are carefully printed on each stone, resulting in a coaster that it’s transformed to a work of art in its own right thanks to the distinctive qualities of each marble stone.


All of our PinballCoasters are paired with a cork backing to protect your furniture from liquids condensation and moisture that can ruin your wooden chattels. The beautiful look of our Pinball™ Coasters are ones of nature’s masterpieces, adding a touch of class and elegance to any space. Perfect to give as a gift for a special occasion or to surprise your guests with an exclusive piece of art only available at Pinball Photos LLC. We even package our coasters in its own special gift box. Get a set of these gorgeous natural and functional Pinball™ Coasters as a center piece for that special celebration or for the sake of your furniture. Order a set of your own or get one as a gift today.


Quick Description:


  • Limited Edition (100 sets)
  • Certificate signed and numbered by the photographer.
  • Uniqueness: No two coasters are exactly alike
  • Material: Natural snow marble stone, cork
  • Size: 4" square
  • Country of origin: Handmade in USA



Pinball Coasters- The Power

  • Free Shipping within the Continental USA

  • Limited to 100 sets. All sets come with a certificate signed and numbered by the photographer.

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